Addis Ababa Confucius Institute, Ethiopia

1.    Establishment of Addis Ababa Confucius Institute

Addis Ababa Confucius Institute (AACI in short) is the first Confucius Institute in Ethiopia, cooperated by Tianjin University of Technology and Education and Ethio-China Polytechnic College (ECPC in short). AACI is located in the compound of ECPC and it owns 6 classrooms, Chinese Culture Center, lecture hall, library, reading room, meeting hall and staff offices, with the total area of more than 1200 M2. AACI began the formal Chinese-Language teaching to 250 full-time students as a compulsory course from ECPC on Nov.30.2009.

Inauguration Ceremony of Confucius Institute


On Feb.23.2010, the Inauguration Ceremony of Addis Ababa Confucius Institute was successfully held. In less than one year since the Inauguration Ceremony, besides fulfilling the normal Chinese teaching assignment, Confucius Institute has also opened various Chinese training programs and colorful cultural exchange activities, which brought a great influence of Confucius Institute in Ethiopia.

After two years’ efforts, Addis Ababa Confucius Institute established 3 Chinese-Teaching Centers in Addis Ababa University, Mekele University and Awassa University in Ethiopia in 2011. In Sep.2012, Addis Ababa University and Mekele University will set up the major of Chinese separately and begin to enroll the local students in Ethiopia.

2. Function of Addis Ababa Confucius Institute

Confucius Institute has two main functions: one is to hold the Chinese language teaching and training; the other is to hold cultural exchange activities with the local people.

Teaching Building of AACI


Chinese language teaching and training

Confucius Institute is located in the campus of Ethio-China Polytechnic College and it carries out the Chinese-language teaching assignment of the students from Ethio-China Polytechnic College according to the agreement. Confucius Institute started teaching the Chinese language from Nov.30.2009.

Besides the Chinese-language teaching to the students from Ethio-China Polytechnic College, Confucius Institute also holds some language training programs to all circles of people in Ethiopia, especially the Chinese training classes to the diplomats from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture, and Ministry of Finance, etc. in Ethiopia.

Interactive activity in Chinese class

Culture- exchange activities

Confucius Institute also holds a series of cultural and educational activities, like Chinese Movie Week, Chinese-Language Bridge, Chinese Culture lectures, Ethiopian singing Chinese songs contest, etc. The Ambassador from China Embassy in Ethiopia, the Cultural Counselor, Economic and Commercial Counselor and Head of Chinese enterprises in Ethiopia will be invited to give series of lectures. At the time of traditional Chinese festivals such as “the Spring Festival” “the Dragon-Boat Festival” “the Mid-autumn Day” and “the National Day” celebrations are held to spread the Chinese culture.

3. The Scope of Activities of Addis Ababa Confucius Institute

   Addis Ababa Confucius Institute can serve the following activities according to the Constitution and By-Laws, and the local instance:

1.    Teaching Chinese language and providing Chinese language teaching resources.

2.    Training Chinese language instructors.

3.    Holding the HSK examination (Chinese Proficiency Test) and tests for the Certification of the Chinese Language Teachers.

4.    Providing information and consultative services concerning China’s education, culture, and so on.

5.    Conducting language and cultural exchange activities.

6.    Other activities with authorization and by appointment of Confucius Institute Headquarters.

4. VI. Contact Method of AACI

Contact person Ms. Gao Lili— Chinese Director of AACI

AddressKebele 17, Yeka Sub-City, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Tel & fax00251-116 46 33 66


Cultural Section of China Embassy in Ethiopia

Tel 00251 11 3711561

Fax 00251 11 3718912



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