Ethio-China Polytechnic College

Ethio-China Polytechnic College (ECPC) is the first vocational college that the People’s Republic of China helps to establish in Ethiopia, covering an area of 11.7 hectares. Starting from 2005, China began to invest in about 100 million RMB (more than 14 million US dollars) to construct Multi-functional Office Building, Industrial Technology Building, Textile & Garment Building, Hotel Service Building, Business Education Building, Construction Technology Building, Multi-purpose Hall and student dormitorieswhich were totally completed in 2007 and handed over to Ethiopian government in Oct.2007. At present, its total building area reaches to 23,000. Approved by the Ministry of Education of China, Tianjin University of Technology and Education (TUTE) bore the assignment of ECPC operation and teaching management.

Through joint efforts of both Ethiopian and Chinese governments, the college is now equipped with modern office facilities and teaching equipments. September of 2008 witnessed the first recruitment of 370 students majoring in mechanics, electrics, electronics, automobile engineering, textile, garment, and information technology.

ECPC is a growing college with distinctive strengths in international outlook, educational idea and first-class instructional faculty. Approved by the  Ministry of Education of China, TUTE has assigned 18 Chinese professor and experts to act as the deans, the directors and teaching staff of the college. In this college, experts of vocational education are from Ethiopia and China, with other excellent Chinese and Ethiopian faculty. In addition, guided by the Chinese vocational education motto i.e. “advance all-rounded capacity of students through educating them to integrate independent thinking with practice”, ECPC will adopt modern instructional patterns to equip students with access to solid knowledge foundation, exquisite skills and design capacity. All those strengths highlight ECPC’s target at developing a prestigious and exemplary polytechnic college in Ethiopia.

ECPC mainly recruits two-year students from graduates of TVET 10+3, aiming at nurturing talents with advanced techniques and management knowledge in service of country and society. Meanwhile, utilizing the teaching resources, ECPC will also provide additional training service for staff members of the local enterprises and for the others who tend to enjoy access to Chinese language communication and enhancement of professional capacity.

In Oct.2009, TUTE cooperate with ECPC to build Addis Ababa Confucius Institute in the compound of ECPC. A separate building with the area of more than 1000M2 was used to the teaching building of Confucius Institute. Confucius Institute bears the assignment of teaching the Chinese language to the students from ECPC, which is a compulsory subject to the students.

In 2011, ECPC was upgraded by the Ministry of Education of Ethiopia to be the TVET training Institute, whose main task was to carry out the training program to the TVET teachers throughout Ethiopia. After graduation, the trainees can get the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree. From then, it has been directly under the charge and management of the Ministry of Education of Ethiopia. At present, more than 1000 TVET teachers are getting the training at the college.

Starting from 2010, the Ministry of Education of China approved TUTE and ECPC to be one pair of partners among “20+20 African and Chinese Universities Cooperation project”. Each year, TUTE holds a 21-day short term training program to the teachers and students from ECPC. In Nov.2011, Tianjin University of Technology and Education assigned a delegation led by President Meng Qingguo to visit ECPC in Ethiopia, where they signed a Sister Cooperation Agreement between the University and the college. Meanwhile, Tianjin Committee of Education donated 2 Million Yuan scholarships to students from ECPC.

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