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Cooperation Agreement Signed Between School of Economics and Management and Vipshop Holdings Ltd.
Jan. 4th, 2015 Correspondent Wang Yiwen  审核人:

On Dec. 30, 2014, a cooperation agreement was signed between School of Economics and Management and VIPshop Holdings Ltd. with participants including Vice President Sun Qihan, Mr. Chang Junqing, Deputy Inspector of TUTE, Mr. Tian Guoli, Deputy Director of Teaching Affairs Office, Mr. Cheng Zhong, Party Secretary of School of Economics and Management, Mr. Zou Jianyong, Deputy Party Secretary, Ms. Zhao Lihua, Dean of School of Economics and Management, Mr. Zhang Lianzhou, Deputy Dean, Mr. Men Shuguang, General Manager of VIPshop Holdings Ltd., Mr. Gao Kun, Director of HR Department, Mr. Zhen Chong, Assistant Manager, and some teachers and students of the school.

At the agreement signing ceremony, Mr. Men Shuguang gave an introduction on the history of Vipshop Holdings Limited and expected to work with TUTE thus benefiting the company, TUTE and the students involved.

The activities of the event included those: on behalf of the two sides, Mr. Chang Junqing and Mr. Men Shuguang inaugurated the practice base, Ms. Zhao Lihua and Mr. Men Shuguang signed the agreement, Mr. Cheng zhong and Mr. Zhang Lianzhou presented certificates of off-campus expert to relevant ones and Mr. Zou Jianyong looked back on the history of preparation for agreement.

At last, in conclusion, Ms. Sun Qihan expressed her congratulations and expected to further cooperation between TUTE and Vipshop Company.

Information: Vipshop Holdings Limited was established in August, 2008 and started its online selling on Dec. 8th, 2008. It was listed in the New York Stock Exchange on March 23, 2012. So far, it has more than 6.6 million membership and is working with more than 11,000 brands including 1400 exclusive ones. Its daily orders exceed 300,000. In 2013, its net revenue was $1.7 billion (RMB 10.6 million). In the first half year of 2014, namely by June 30, its net revenue was up to $1.53 billion, which was comparable to the revenue of 2013, and it was earning money for seven quarters in a row.

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