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TUTE Wins Approval to Establish “China-ASEAN Education Training Center”
Jan. 12th, 2015 Chen Jing, International Exchange Office  审核人:

Recently, TUTE received a letter from Ministry of Education approving of the establishment of “China-ASEAN Education Training Center” and related programs.

The aim of establishing“China-ASEAN Education Training Center” is to promote the cooperation and exchange between TUTE and Southeast Asian Nations by cultivating talents for the needs of economic development of Southeast Asian Nations and promoting the cooperation in the field of humanities.

Since TUTE established Education Aid Base for Foreign Countries in 2003, it has taken many moves including dispatching teachers to other countries, recruiting international students, holding short-term vocational education seminars and establishing Confucius institutes in other countries. By doing these, TUTE has accumulated abundant experience in training, which provides a solid basis for it to carry out “China-ASEAN Education Training Center” programs.

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