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Delegation from Lishui Education Department Visits TUTE
Jan. 19th, 2015 Han Dexin, Party Affairs Office  审核人:

On Jan. 15, led by Ms. Wu Yan, Deputy Chief of Lishui Education Department, a delegation of officials from HR Office, Higher Education Department, and Admission Test Center, etc, visited TUTE to talk about the cooperation on free cultivation of teachers for secondary vocational schools. The participants of the event included Mr. Meng Qingguo, Party Secretary, Ms. Sun Qihan, Vice President, Ms. Wang Chunyan, Deputy Director of Party Affairs Office, Mr. Cui Tiegang, Vice Dean of the School of Further Education, and two directors of Teaching Affairs Office, Mr. Wang Mingchun, and Mr. Ji Guoliang.

During the talk, Mr. Meng Qingguo gave an introduction on the TUTE in its history, talent cultivation models and discipline construction, etc. and Ms. Sun Qihan talked about free cultivation of teachers for secondary vocational schools.

The two sides discussed about the details of cooperation including cultivation models, fees, specialties, student numbers and student sources, etc. and preliminary willingness for cooperation was expressed.

The delegation also visited China Tianjin Vocational Skill Training Center

So far, TUTE has worked with the following provinces (cities) for free cultivation of teachers for secondary vocational schools: Hainan, Gansu, Guangxi, Xizang, Xinjiang, Guizhou, Wenzhou City, Wenling City and Bijie City.

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