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Cooperation Framework Agreement Signed Between TUTE and Education Department of Hainan Province
Jan. 27th, 2015 Party Affairs Office & Teaching Affaires Office  审核人:

On Jan. 24, a team of visitors arrived at TUTE to sign a cooperation framework agreement. Mr. Meng Qingguo, Party Secretary, welcomed the visitors warmly. The team members included Mr. Cao Xiankun, Chief of Education Department of Hainan Province, Ms. Pan Huili, Deputy Chief of Education Department of Hainan Province, Mr. Chao Yu, Deputy Party Secretary from Qiongzhou College, and officials from the following divisions of Education Department of Hainan Province, namely, Adult Vocational Education Department, Teachers Management Office, and Higher Education Department.

The other participants of the event included President Liu Xin, Mr. Ma Lei, Deputy Party Secretary, Ms. Sun Qihan, Vice President, Ms. Ren Xuehao, Director of Party affairs Office, Ms. Wang Chunyan, Deputy Director, Ms. Yan Shujing, Director of Strategy Planning Office, and Mr. Ji Guoliang, Deputy Director of Admission Office.

Signing of the agreement signals that the two sides will further their cooperation in establishing modern vocational education system. According to the agreement, in 2015, the two sides will carry out a trial “3+4” program, and cooperate in the establishment of practice base, cultivation of teachers for vocational schools and vocational education research.

The “3+4” program means excellent high school graduates of Hainan Province will go to a secondary vocational school in their province for three years. If they can pass the exam designed for them, then they will go to TUTE for another 4-year study. All the courses in these 7 years will be especially tailored for them to help them become high-quality teachers of vocational schools or talents of applied science.

During the discussion, Mr. Chao Yu also asked about how to apply for the membership of Association of Universities (Colleges) of Applied Sciences, and Mr. Yan Shujing made a detailed response on it.


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