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Vocational Skills Workshop in Ethiopia Proved Fruitful
Mar. 20th, 2015 International Exchange Office  审核人:

In order to combine Chinese language teaching with vocational skills training, ever since 2013, Addis Ababa Confucius Institute with Hanban’s support had been offering short-term vocational skills training programs at TVET Addis, for which TUTE had since then sent ten experts over to Ethiopia, in three separate batches.       

On TVET’s request, TUTE’s experts had imparted sophisticated theories through professional lectures to Ethiopian teachers and students and demonstrated how to operate various machines and equipments. Meanwhile, Chinese experts had also tested and fixed up more than ten mechanical and electronic equipments. In such a short time, not only did TVET’s teachers and students acquire the professional knowledge, but they also learnt how to test and repair certain equipments.

TUTE’s experts’ hard work paid off, which TVET’s management, faculty members and students all spoke highly of and paved another flagstone on the path of Sino-Ethiopian cooperation in vocational education. 

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