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Professor Cui Shigang

Professor Cui Shijun, male, born in 1963, postdoctoral cooperation advisor, postdoctoral researcher of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Currently Professor Cui Shijun is the dean of the School of Automation and Electrical Engineering of Tianjin University of Technology and Education, Director of Tianjin Information Sensing and Intelligent Control Key Laboratory, academic leader of a Key Primary Discipline of Tianjin. In addition, Professor Cui Shijun also assumes many other social responsibilities such as serving as a committee member of the Standing Committee of China Mechanical Engineering Society. In 2006, Professor Cui Shijun was awarded the title of “Distinguished Teacher of Tianjin”.

In recent years, Professor Cui Shijun had presided over 16 provincial/ministerial projects including those under the framework of National 863 Program and National Natural Science Foundation, and have published more than 70 papers. At the same time, he is a winner of 5 provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress awards, a national first teaching achievements prize, and two provincial and ministerial level first teaching achievements prize.



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