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School of Foreign Language

The School of Foreign Language of TUTE has 7 administrative and academic branches and offices including the English Department, the Japanese Department, the No. 1 College English Teaching and Research Office, the No. 2 College English Teaching and Research Office, the Faculty Office, the Language Editorial Office, and the Language laboratory. The school is responsible for the cultivation of English major and Japanese major students as well as the teaching work of the course of College English to both undergraduate and graduate students of other schools of the university. Since its founding in 2003, the school has built an outstanding and diligent faculty team with rich teaching experience and down-to-earth working spirit. The school has more than 60 full-time staff members of which 30% have senior technical titles, and more than 70% have master degree or above. And most teachers of the English and Japanese Departments have overseas learning and working experiences. In addition, the school also hires foreign exports from the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, Japan and other countries for language teaching.

At present, both the English and Japanese specialties of the school are teacher training specialties. The English language specialty is further divided into two professional directions including translation/interpretation and business English while the specialty of Japanese language has only one professional direction-business Japanese. For many years, the School of Foreign Language has been actively participating in teaching reform, formulating its own school-running characteristics, attaching great importance to professional skill training while strengthening the teaching of basic theoretical knowledge. The school has accumulated rich experience in language teaching and attained many fruitful achievements, which has, in turn, provided a strong guarantee for the school in cultivating high quality professional foreign language talents. Students from the school have won awards many times in different kinds of college students' foreign language competitions.

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