School of Mechanical Engineering

The School of Mechanical Engineering has two graduate programs (Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation, and Machine Design Theory), and five undergraduate programs including Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation, Material Shaping and Control Engineering, Mechanical Manufacturing Technology, Mechanical Maintenance and Testing Technology (Number Control).

As one of the key project of Tianjin’s 11th Five Year Plan, the School of Mechanical Engineering has an advanced high-speed cutting and precision machining laboratory as well as six modern design and molding technology research centers equipped with world class equipments and software such as high-grade CNC processing equipment, special processing equipment, precision measuring instruments, and the internationally advanced CAD/CAM/CAE software. Focused on the development and transition of key technologies in the development of major industries of Tianjin and catering to the demands of advanced manufacturing technology in Tianjin and Binhai District, the School of Mechanical Engineering of TUTE has, in recent years, accomplished a considerable number of important research projects (Including National 863 projects, National Natural and Scientific Foundation projects, and many provincial level scientific and enterprise entrusted projects), achieved a number of important influential research achievements in engineering application, and has won  provincial level awards four times.  

The school has established corporation relationship with Shangao (Shanghai) Co. LTD, Tianjin Auto Mold Co. LTD, Japan Makino Machine Co. LTD, Spain AMC Company, and has established a SECO tools development and application demonstration center, a Makino Machine Co. LTD Tianjin branch application research center, and a number of other research and development bases.

As a national vocational school teacher training base, the school has cultivated a lots of senior vocational teachers while at the same time offered numerous training programs for technicians in NC Machining and CAD/CAM.

The School of Mechanical Engineering has played an important role in the formation of the university’s school running characteristics and talents cultivation mechanism. The school has made outstanding contributions in the cultivation of the “Double Certificates” and “Integrated” vocational school teachers and successfully cultivated the first batch of students with both undergraduate & technician certificates, occupying a leading position in the field of vocational education in China.

With the deepening of the teaching reform of China, the school has achieved prominent success in disciplinary construction. In 2008, the Mechanical Manufacturing Technology Education specialty became a national advantageous characteristic specialty development project. In an educational environment rich of characteristics, the school has built an “integrated” faculty team capable of both theoretical teaching and practical guidance. The faculty team of the school was formed by 23 professors and 28 deputy professors, researchers, senior engineers, and senior experimentalists, all having a doctor’s degree. In 2009, the teaching team of the School of Mechanical Engineering was honored as a national excellent teaching team.

Currently, the school has nine excellent courses among which Mechanical CAD/CAM, Descriptive Geometry and Mechanical Drawing, Mechanical Design, CNC Processing Comprehensive Training, Numerical Control Machine Tools and Programming are Tianjin excellent courses. We have published more than 20 text books among which the NC Machine Tool Structure and Maintenance and NC Machine Tools Training Technology were elected as national level teaching materials.

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