School of Automation and Electrical Engineering

The School of Automation and Electrical Engineering has a postdoctoral workstation, one primary discipline conferring master’s degree (Control Science and Engineering), and 4 undergraduate specialties including automation, measurement technology and equipment, electrical technology and education, and electrical engineering and automation. The specialty of automation has been credited as State Level Characteristic Specialty Construction Project, Ministry of Education Dominant Characteristic Specialty, Tianjin Brand Specialty, and Tianjin Excellent Teaching Team. The specialty of Measurement Technology and Equipment (the direction of Medical Treatment and Rehabilitation Project Research) is a strategic specialty catering for the demand of the emerging industries of Tianjin. The electrical technology and education specialty is a TUTE dominant characteristic specialty.

The school attaches great importance to the development of its faculty team, and is constantly motivating its members to further enhance their teaching quality, research ability, and practical skills. In order to achieve this purpose, the school has drawn up a teacher cultivating plan to organize a variety of different training activities such as pre-job training, overseas training, skills training, short-term training, etc. The Dean of the school Professor Cui Shigang was awarded title of “Distinguished Teacher of Tianjin”. Professors, associate professors accounting for 62.2% of the teaching team of the school; “integrated” teaching staff account for more than 77.8% of the teaching team of the school, 100% teachers under 45 years old have doctor’s degree or master's degrees. Generally, the School has built a relatively strong teaching and scientific research team.

Over the years, aiming at cultivating a new model of “integrated” vocational school teachers with both theoretical knowledge and practical operating skills thus capable of both theoretical teaching and technical training, the school has been upholding the CPC party’s educational policy in strengthening industry-university-research cooperation and fostering school running characteristics, striving to further improve educational management, redoubling its disciplinary building effort, and fostering cooperation with global leading enterprise such as Siemens AG SI, Schneider Corporation, etc.

The school has always been active in educational theoretical research and research on educational reform which enables the school to initiate and implement the “Four-in-one” teaching mode reform incorporating theoretical teaching, experiment, skill, and design. The quality of teaching and the laboratory construction of the school rank on top among similar colleges and universities in China. The school has jointly established the Joint Laboratory of Information Sensing and Intelligent Control with the Research Institute of Semiconductors of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Tianjin Haitai Technology Development Co., Ltd. In addition, the school also established the Chinese Youth Robot Contest Activity Research and Training Center and the Joint Laboratory of Siemens Drive Technology and other scientific research and innovation platform together with the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST). Recently, the school has accomplished more than 30 projects including national 863 planning projects, National Natural Science Foundation projects, key projects of Tianjin Science and Technology Support Plan, technology projects of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and other projects at the provincial level or above, and won more than 8 prizes at the provincial level or above, one first prize in national teaching achievement award, 3 first prizes and 4 second prizes in provincial level teaching achievement award, registered more than 100 national patents, published more than 300 academic papers of which more than 100 papers were indexed in SCI or EI.

The school has two student scientific and technological societies - “the Cradle of Electronic Engineers” and the college students’ Robot Club”. Over 300 students of the school have won more than 90 first and second prizes in national scientific and technological competitions such as National College Students’ Competition of Electronic Design and “National College Student’s Challenge Cup”, etc. The college will continue to carry forward the fine tradition of “unity, efficiency, realistic, innovation”, catch every opportunity to keep paces with the times, and to open up a new prospect of “senior and high-tech” talents cultivation.

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