School of Information Technology and Engineering

After years of dedication, the School of Information Technology and Engineering has developed into one of largest schools of the university from the former Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at the beginning of its establishment. Now it offers two MA degree programs including Computer Application Technology and Educational Technology, five BA degrees programs including Computer Science and Technology, Educational Technology, Network Engineering, Software Engineering and Digital Media Technology. It has more than five teaching and research divisions such as the Teaching and Research Division of Application Technology, the Teaching and Research Division of Software Engineering, the Teaching and Research Division of Network Engineering, the Teaching and Research Division of Educational Technology, and the Teaching and Research Division of Education Software. The school also has a number of student practical and experimental centers such as the College Student Innovation and Experimental Base and experimental Training Center, etc.

The school has a high quality teaching team which is highly professional at teaching and scientific research. Among the staff members, about 60.6% have senior professional and technical titles, 56.1% are teachers with “integrated competency” and the percentage of staff with Doctor’s Degree is rising year by year. The school is actively carrying out teaching reform and constantly striving to improve the quality of teaching. Over the years, the integrated quality of students of our students has been rising steadily, which is highly appreciated by the employers of our students.

The School of Information Technology and Engineering was equipped with advanced experimental and practice equipments many of which are among the most advanced equipments within the community of Chinese colleges and universities of the same kind with TUTE. The Non-linear Editing Laboratory is one of the most advanced laboratories among Chinese colleges and universities. In order to further consolidate and develop the school-running characteristics of the TUTE and to improve students' practical ability, the school established a “National Training and Examination Station of High-level Computer Information Skills” and "China Computer Software Professional and Technical Qualification Examination Station ".

Teachers of the school are also active in participating in research activities and international & domestic academic exchanges besides their daily teaching works. At present, the school has a number of research institutions such as the Research Institute of Engineering Computation & Software Development, the Research Institute of Education Information Technology, and the Research Institute of Symbolic Computation & Application and Information Security, etc. Over the past three years, three years, the school has published 20 academic monographs and text books, more than 100 papers of which more than 30 papers were indexed in SCI, EI, and ISTP.  Besides, the school also holds plenty of scientific research projects including National Natural Science Foundation projects, Tianjin Natural Science Foundation projects, Tianjin Education Commission Research projects, Tianjin Education Commission Educational Reform projects, National Educational Scientific Research Tenth Five-year-plan key projects, Ministry of Science and Technology Funded projects, and a dozens of faculty-level research projects.

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