School of Vocational Education

The School of Vocational Education was established in 1982, it has two specialties (vocational education & management and applied psychology) conferring bachelor’s degree and one primary discipline: Education. The discipline of Education is a Tianjin Key Discipline and is further divided into five secondary disciplines including Principles of Pedagogy, Curriculum and Teaching Theory, Vocational and Technical Education, Higher Education, Educational Technology, Art & Design Education, Vocational Education Psychology. The school started to enroll MA students in 2004 which make it the earliest discipline to acquire the qualification to provide master’s degree program among similar colleges and universities in China.

Education is a key discipline of the university. It has the longest development history and the strongest disciplinary strength among the various disciplines of the university. Over the past few decades, the discipline has always been a leading discipline of the university which provides the strongest support for the university in realizing its overall development strategies. It is the also the earliest discipline of the university to acquire the qualification to provide master's degree program. In the period of the "11th Five-Year Plan”, the discipline was listed as one of the key disciplines of Tianjin. The school is supported by a key research base of Humanities and Social Sciences of Higher Education in Tianjin. The course of Vocational Education of the discipline provided by the school is the only national quality course of in the field of vocational education in China. The discipline of education is highly related to other disciplines which makes the development of the discipline also beneficial to the development of other disciplines such as Management, Psychology, Art, English, etc.

The school has three teaching divisions: the Department of Education, the Department of Psychology, and the Training Center. It has a strong teaching team with one university-level excellent teacher, one university-level excellent lecturer, and 10 graduate student supervisors. About 62% of the teachers of the school have intermediate or senior titles, and 40% of the teachers of the school have doctor’s degrees. The school has built an academic team with solid theoretical foundation, powerful scientific research ability, and reasonable academic degree-age- professional title structure.

The school has edited and published more than thirty monographs and textbooks (such as “Vocational Education ", "Vocational Education Theory ", "Vocational Education New Edition", " Modern Vocational Education ", " Vocational Guidance”, etc.) and nearly one hundred papers in renowned academic journals such as " Educational Research ", " Higher Education Research ", "Psychological Science", " Chinese Higher Education ", and have attained more than 40 provincial level research projects.

In 2007, the course of "Vocational Education" of the school was credited as national-level excellent course. In 2008, the school was approved by the Ministry of Education to provide master’s degree level training for secondary vocational school teachers. In 2009, the teaching team of the discipline of "Vocational Education" was credited as “Excellent Teaching Team of Tianjin”. In the same year, the school established the key research base of Humanities and Social Science of Higher Education in Tianjin based on the discipline of “Vocational Education" which now assumes the secretariat works of the Professional Committee of Vocational Education Teachers and the Committee of Vocational Guidance of China Vocational and Technical Education Association.

The school attaches great importance to international academic exchange and cooperation. It has co-organized the "21th Century International Symposium on Vocational Education Innovation" and "the First International Seminar of Higher Education of Vocational Education", established extensive academic cooperation with universities in different regions and countries such as the United States, Russia, Ukraine, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and accepted a considerable number of oversea students from countries such as British, Ukraine, South Korea, Inner Mongolia, and Vietnam.

Since 2004, the school has assumed the teaching works of 26 Afro-Asian and African seminars on vocational education sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce or the Ministry of Education and organized by Tianjin University of Technology and Education, provided professional trainings for thousands of educational officials, vocational school principals, experts and teachers from more than 30 countries such as Ethiopia, Armenia, Benin, Burundi, Botswana, Congo, Eritrea, Philippines, Ghana, Indonesia, Garner, Seychelles, Cape Verde, and so on. These seminars have provided opportunities for their participating members to exchange views on matters such as China's vocational education theory & practice and the problems in the development process of vocational education in their respective countries, which have significantly contributed to the mutual understanding of the participating members and the further deepening of friendship between China and those participating countries. The training courses provide by the school were all given high credits by the majority of the participating members of these seminars, and have, therefore, brought the school considerable influence in international communities of vocational education. Based on previous teaching and training experience, the school will continue to make contribution to the exchanges & cooperation between China and other developing countries in Africa and Asian.

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