School of Electronic Engineering

With a Master’s Degree Program in Signal and Information Processing, TUTE’s School of Electronic Engineering has five undergraduate-level electronic information specialties covering Telecommunication Engineering, Electronic and Information Engineering, Microelectronics, Electronic Science and Technology and Education of Applied Electronic Technology. The school focuses on fostering students’ mastering of rudiments and their application to train qualified vocational education teachers and senior technicians. Its research and teaching units consist of Teaching and Researching Section (TRS) of Telecommunication Engineering, TRS of Information Technology, TRS of Electric Circuit and TRS of Microelectronics, TRS of Photoelectron and TRS of Electronic Technology and Engineering Training Center with Research Institutes of Avionics, Research Institutes of Communication Technology, Research Institutes of Information Processing, and Research Institutes of Opto-Electronic Engineering as its subordinate. Having altogether 2500 of undergraduates, postgraduates and foreign students, the school has a highly qualified and educated faculty of which 70% are professors or associate professors. All faculty members under 45 have master’s degrees and 40% among them have doctor’s degrees.

Emphasizing on scientific work, the school has built an academic team with strong researching ability after years of developing and accumulating. It has yielded abundant academic results and has formed an advantageous and featured research direction. Respectively coming from the U.S, Japan and Italy, the 3 distinguished professors have provided TUTE a broad platform for international academic exchanges.

The school lays a scientific plan for developing and strengthening the discipline construction to conform to the trends of electronic information technology development and meet the demand of development in national economy. Funds for scientific increase as well as the number of theses published on major academic journals. It explores and researches with boldness, enacts and enforces plans for training personnel, who are capable of applying advanced technologies and of being a teacher in vocational education.

Upholding the guiding ideology of “Student-Centered Teaching, Teacher-Centered Managing”, the school continues to develop disciplines keeping abreast of scientific and technological development to meet   the needs of social and economic development, attaches great importance to students’ rudiments, increase their practices during internship and experiments, make students innovative and able to apply knowledge in a comprehensive manner. Many graduates have been enrolled by leading universities like Tsinghua University, Nankai University, Tianjin University, South China University of Technology and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. Our graduates contribute their comprehensive strength to the development of their fields and social progress, therefore being highly accepted by employers. Many of them are operational or managerial mainstays in their field. Outr graduates’ success rate of the first job hunting keeps above 95%.

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