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School of Art

The School of Art consists of three majors in design, animation and vision communication of which the animation course has been awarded the name of “Tianjin’s Brand Course”, the most competitive courses in Tianjin. The school includes 476 students and a faculty team of 2 professors, 7 associate professors and 15 lecturers. The infrastructure of the school has currently integrated the CAD studio, sculpture and pottery studio, painting room, Mac room, recording studio, motion capture laboratory, “Rendering Farm System”, computer animation laboratory, stop-motion animation laboratory, “Da Vinci Color Adjusting System”, “Nonlinear Editing System”, and the photography studio.

The School of Art insists the parallelism in teaching and research and the syncretism in art and technology. At the same time, it emphasizes the training of students’ abilities both in application and innovation. In the past few yeas, teachers and students from the school energetically participate in various national level design contests and creative arts activities. Their works were repeatedly selected into the national and province exhibitions, some of which have also been awarded prizes from those exhibitions, such as “National Art Exhibition”, “Tianjin Art Exhibition” and “China North International Cycle Show”. The school has established sketch bases outside the school in Hongcun (Anhui Province), Fenghuang (Hunan Province), Lijiang (Yunnan Province) and Pingyao (Shanxi Province), for students’ sketch activities during vacations. To improve graduates employments, many practice bases have been built in other friendly institutes, such as Zhejiang Tongxiang Vocational Education Center, Beijing Industry and Trade Technicians College, Tianjin Vocational Institute, Tianjin modern Vocational Technology College, Metallurgy Vestibule Advanced School of Shanxi, Tianjin Yongren Animation Studio and Tianjin Huaguoren Animation Studio. The school is also maintaining good relationships with those institutes and companies. The school of Art is divided into three departments: the Department of Common Art, the Department of Design Art and the Department of Animation.

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