School of Automotive and Transportation

The School of Automotive and Transportation was founded in 1993 based on a cooperation project between the Chinese government and Japanese government. The secondary discipline of vehicle operation engineering of the school is a Tianjin Key Development Discipline which is qualified to provide master’s degree programs. The school has four undergraduate specialties including Automobile Maintenance Engineering Education, Transportation, Automobile Service Engineering, and Vehicle Engineering, all being double certificate specialties. The specialty of Automotive Maintenance Engineering Education is a dominant characteristic specialty of the university. After years of development, the school has built a characteristic talent cultivation model signified by its "Graduation Certificate + Technician Qualification Certificate" mechanism.

The School highly values the capacity building of its teaching team, and has now built a faculty team with discipline leaders and academic backbones, of reasonable academic degree-age-title structure, and capable of both teaching and research. Teachers with senior professional titles account for 51%; teachers with master's degrees or above account for 80%; 90% of training teachers of the school are senior level or intermediate level technicians; 75% of the theoretical teachers of the school are "Double-Qualified” and “Integrated”  teachers.

The school is nominated by the Ministry of Education as National Key Development Base for Training Automobile Maintenance Vocational School Teachers, National Vocational College Teachers Training Bases in Automobile Maintenance, and National Demonstration Base of Automobile Maintenance Training for Vocational Teachers. It is also nominated by the Ministry of Human Resource and Social Security as National Training Base for technical school teachers.

The training center of the school is an excellent experimental and Training center of the university and Tianjin. It has a working area of 4300 square meters, and possesses various first class experimental and training equipments worth more than 30 million Yuan in automobile testing, maintenance, debugging, etc. The school has also established training bases outside the university campus with a number of large automobile manufacturing and maintenance enterprises.

Under the guidance of the school running philosophy of the university, the school will stick to the "double certificates" school running characteristics, further deepen its educational reform, unswervingly adhere to the principle of cultivating talents through theoretical and practical training, good management, and people oriented service, strive to maintain its leading position among colleges and universities of China in the same category with the university, and to cultivate professional teachers and highly skilled talents for vocational colleges and secondary vocational schools as well as the automotive industry.

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