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Education Philosophy, School Badge, School Song and School Motto

(1). Educational philosophy:

Combining theoretic studies with hands-on training to achieve all-round development.

The educational philosophy is the basic fundamental guiding principle of TUTE to cultivate talents.


1. The educational philosophy refers to a notion to combine theory and practice, knowledge and action and to achieve physical and mental harmony on the part of the students. Both vocational abilities, practice and academic study, innovation and cognition are stressed in the educational philosophy.

2. “All-round development” has always been the fundamental requirement of China’s education policy. Normal students should take it as a pursuit in their academic study to be qualified in their ethic, intellect, physical and aesthetic development.

(2). School badge

The school badge takes the form of hands and brain, symbolizing the integrated vocational teachers with double certificates combining intellectual and hands-on skills.

(3). Lyrics of the school song

Tianjin University of Technology and Education lies by the Haihe River,

a cradle of vocational and technical teachers.

Combining theoretical studies and technical skills.

Combining academic pursuit with hands-on training.

Patriotism, dedication, unification and innovation.

We will rejuvenate China through science and technology, dedication and hard-working in the socialist drive, in the classroom, on campus and in the training plants.

(4). School motto

Patriotism, dedication, unification, innovation

Meaning of the school motto:

Patriotism: patriotic  and loyal to China





Dedication: dedicated to one’s work






Unification: closely work together 





Innovation: innovated to scale new heights





The school motto is interlinked. Patriotism functions as the basis; dedication is a quality in the work and study of faculty members and students; unification is the guarantee to have works done; innovation, a requirement of the new era is a motivation to carry on. Sticking to the school motto makes it possible to make TUTE a first-class university in vocational education and produce talents well-qualified in their ethic, intellect, physical and aesthetic development.


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