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Current School Leaders




Party Secretary

Li Dayong

In charge of general party affairs of TUTE, fully responsible for

affairs of TUTE.

Supervising Office of Party Committee.

Deputy Party Secretary


Liu Xin

In charge of the administration of TUTE and audit affairs.

Supervising President's Office, Office of Strategic Planning and Adit Office.

Deputy Party Secretary

Ma Lei

In charge of publicity and culture, organization and united front, ideology and ethnical education, national defense education, the communist youth league, career guidance, national security, safety and security,  labor union, teacher representative assembly, publicity of school affairs, administration of retirees, etc.

Supervising Publicity Office of Party Committee, Organization Office of Party Committee( United Front Office of Party Committee), Student Affairs Office of the Party Committee, Office of School Armed Forces, Youth League, Department of Social Science, Safety and Security Office, Labor Union.

Assisting of Office of Party Committee, President's Office.

Vice President

Miao Dehua

In charge of discipline development, scientific research, graduate student education, school-run industries, school journals, etc.

Supervising Discipline Development Office, Graduate Student Office, Science and Technology Office, Institute of Vocational Education Teacher.

Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission

Guan Ruping

In charge of discipline inspection, supervision.

Supervising Office of Discipline Inspection, Supervision Office.

Vice President

Sun Qihan

In charge of undergraduate education(including practical training), admissions, national assets, continuing education, physical education, etc.

Supervising Office of Teaching Affairs, Office of National Assets Management, Engineering Training Center, Worldskills Competition China Research Center, Adult Education Department, School of Continuing Education, Physical Education Department.

Vice President

Li Kang

In charge of finance, logistics, infrastructure, subsidiary school, etc.

Supervising Finance Office, Office of Logistics Management, Infrastructure Office, Subsidiary Technical School (Vocational Department, School Factory).

Vice President

Yan Bing

In charge of personnel, international exchange cooperation and research, information construction, construction of library resources.

Supervising Personnel Office, International Exchange Office, International School, Office of Information Construction, Library.


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