Engineering Training Center

The TUTE Engineering Training Center is founded in April 2005 base on teaching resources from several former training centers including the Training Center of Electronics, the Training Center of Automation, the Training Center of Automobile, and the Training Center of Mechanics.  In 2008, it was approved as a state-level demonstration center of experimental teaching. It is now a university practicing and teaching center incorporating teaching, training, technique researching and developing, scientific and technological innovation and skill contest organizing.

The Engineering Training Center has four administration sections ( the Center Office, the Department of Teaching Management, the Department of Quality Monitoring, and the Marketing Department), five teaching and research divisions(the Teaching and Research Division of Numeral Control, the Teaching and Research Division of Electromechanics, the Teaching and Research Division of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, the Teaching and Research Division of Automotive Maintenance, and the Teaching and Research Division of Metalworking), one College Students’ Innovation Base, one Production-Study-Research Base. At present, the center has all together over 50 training laboratories covering engine experiment, maintenance of numeral control machine, PLC technology application, modern electronic manufacturing technology, digital design and manufacturing technology, EDA technology, hydraulics and pneumatics, single chip microcomputer application, intelligent building, electrical automation etc. The center has a construction area of about 25000 square meters and possesses equipments worth of 116.7674 million Chinese Yuan. In recent years, the center has developed a considerable number of equipments and instruments which have been introduced in to laboratories of many universities of China such as Beijing University of Information Technology, North Chine Electric Power University, Fujian Normal University, Nanjing Normal University and Southeast University, etc.

The center has a outstanding training and teaching team with a reasonable age-title-degree structure, rich theoretical knowledge and teaching experience, and strong engineering practical skills. Totally, there are 104 fulltime and part-time practical training teachers and experimental staff in number of which 15 have senior professional titles, 45 have vice-senior titles, 15 hold doctoral degree, and 32 hold master’s degree. About 75% of the staff of the center have national vocational qualifications, 18 are senior technicians, 46 are technicians. The center also employed 14 external experts of technical skills. Many of the staff member of the center have earned  special awards and honors, such as the Governmental Special Allowance offered by the State Council, the “May 1 Labor Medal”, Tianjin Model Worker, National Technical Expert, Tianjin Technical Expert, Technician with Outstanding Contributions to Tianjin, etc.

Over years of hard work, by upholding the teaching philosophy of “Emphasizing Techniques and Capabilities, Incorporating Theoretical Study with Practical Application", the center has developed a teaching model characterized by “3 levels and 5 phases" with vocational skill training at the core by taking the lead in cultivating the first batch of students with national vocational qualification certificates (senior worker or senior technician) in China. The teaching model has now been widely adopted by many universities across the country. At the same tine, the center also offers technique trainings for mainstay teachers and skilled talents from vocational school and colleges or enterprises all over the nation, and undertakes different kinds of national and provincial skill contest.

The center will fully explore its advantage in the field of vocational education of China and the geological advantage of Tianjin Binhai New Development Zone to develop itself to an influential state-level demonstration center of practical teaching.

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