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Talent Cultivation

Adhering to the education philosophy of “Exploring Both Hand and Mind to Achieve All-around Development” , taking an initiative to meet the needs of vocational education development, the university has pioneered a ‘double-certificates ”training mechanism of vocational teachers in accordance with the need and characteristics of secondary vocational schools to provide vocational school teachers with both solid theoretical knowledge training and strong hand-on ability so as to teach professional courses and provide guidance in skills trainings. In 1996, the university sent out its first batch of graduates with national advanced vocational certificate to the society.

In the past few years, our students have participated in a variety of competitions such as the National Collegiate Electronic Design Competition, the “Challenge Cup” Extracurricular Academic Sci-Technological Work of Arts Competition for College Students, the National Collegiate Mathematical Modeling Competition, etc. Altogether, the students won 15 first prizes, 40 second prizes, 4 third prizes, 130 first Tianjin City prizes, 194 second prizes and 255 third prizes. As many as 30,000 graduates have developed themselves as “double-role teachers” having both solid theoretical knowledge and good vocational proficiency. Since the student cultivation mechanism of Tianjin University of Technology and Education is specifically tailored for the wider job market, the graduates employment rates of TUTE is among the highest of Tianjin colleges and universities.

The university attaches great importance to the employment of its graduates. By sticking to the "Three Invocations" (the invocation of concept, services, and school running system) and striving to achieve "all-rounded, all-process, and all-coverage" in employment facilitating service, the university has now achieved fruitful results with its graduates being evaluated as model teachers/employees by different employers and multiple awards from the Tianjin Municipal Government as well as the Ministry of Education.


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