Brief Introduction

Tianjin University of Technology and Education (TUTE) was established in 1979, which is called ‘the cradle of cultivating TVET teaching staff in China” with its teaching philosophy of “using mind and hand together” to cultivate the “integrated” polytechnic teachers and advanced technicians, who can get double certificates  “degree certificate and technician certificate” . It is the only one local university cooperated by China Central Government and Tianjin Municipality.

From 1993, TUTE began to enroll international students. In 2008, the International College was established, in charge of the enrollment, cultivation, and management of international students. In the same year, International Exchange Centre was established and was put into service, which provides excellent academic environment and living conditions for international students.

TUTE enrolls nearly 1,000 international students from more than 20 countries for both short-term and long-term study yearly. Currently there are undergraduates and postgraduates from more than 20 countries, including Poland, South Korea, Thailand, Ethopia, Zambia, Tanzania, Vietnam and so on, are studying at TUTE.

The International Exchange Centre, which began to serve the international students in 2009, is both a living apartment and a hotel. The international students can enjoy a level-3 star hotel service in the centre. The apartment building is surrounded by trees and grass, and is easy to access the playground where students can play basketball, football, tennis, and so on. There is a service zone for students on the campus, including canteen, supermarket, photo shop, bookshop, barbershop, and so on. Students can go to the large supermarket near the campus, for dining, shopping and entertainment. It is very convenient to take Tianjin Metro to the downtown. There are also a lot of public buses to the downtown. It only takes 30 minutes by Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Express from Tianjin to Beijing. It is only 30 minutes’ way to the Tianjin Binhai International Airport.

The university is developing from day to day and the service facility is becoming increasingly better. It has provided a special area for international students’ studying and living. International students will enjoy an unforgettable and happy life here.

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