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Party Secretary of Dongguan Polytechnic College paid a visit
May.27th,2015 Han Dexin,Party Affairs Office  审核人:

On May 26th, a delegation from Dongguan Polytechnic College headed by its Party Secretary Mr. Zhu Yimin paid TUTE a visit. TUTE’s vice-president Sun Qihan met with the guests. Zhang Yuzhou, Director of TUTE’s Engineering Training Centre; Wang Chunyan, Deputy Director of Party Affairs Office; Li Quanli, General Manager of Yuanfeng Technology attended the reception.

During the talk, Prof. Sun gave an introduction of TUTE’s history, its faculty, training mode and Worldskills Competition China Research Centre. In 2012, the Centre was established with the approval of Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, whose research work revolved around Worldskills Competition and proved successful, especially in screening and training candidates, and selecting trainers. The Centre played an important role in the Training Base arrangement and providing live technical support during the Competition.

Afterwards, Mr. Zhu Yimin briefly introduced Dongguan Polytechnic College, a full-time higher vocational education institution, which was set up in April 2009 with Guangdong Provincial Government’s approval and for which Dongguan Municipal Government earmarked 1.35 billion yuans. After a couple of years’ development, it attained a considerable scale. Mr. Zhu also expressed that TUTE graduates had been widely recognized in the field of vocational education. In the future, he hoped, there would be more communication and cooperation between the two institutions, especially in teacher training programs and in the development of experimenting and training centers.


After the meeting, the guests visited TUTE’s Training Center and Worldskills Competition China Research Center.

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