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Honorary Director of TUTE’s African Union Research Center: Former Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia,H.E. Xie Xiaoyan
Jun 30th,2015 Liu Jing,International Exchange Office  审核人:

On June 24th, Former Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia and AU (African Union), His Excellency Xie Xiaoyan received the appointment as the honorary director of TUTE’s African Union Research Centre. Among those who attended the appointment ceremony were Prof. Meng Qingguo, Secretary of CCP at TUTE; Prof. Yan Bing,TUTE’s Vice-president; Fang Yi, Director of TUTE’s Human Resources Office; Zhai Fengjie, Director of International Affairs Office; Mr. Tesfaye, Director of African Study Centre at Addis Ababa University. Prof. Yan presided over the ceremony. A couple of young AU officials, who were then at TUTE, participating in a cultural workshop, also came and witnessed the event.

First, Prof. Meng extended his warm welcome to H.E.’s visit and expressed his gratitude for the ambassador’s long-time support of TUTE’s aiding work in Ethiopia. Meng commented that H.E. Xie is not only a distinguished diplomat, but an expert and scholar specializing in African study, who has demonstrated great commitment to his motherland. H.E. Xie, being appointed as honorary director of TUTE’s African Union Research Center, is not just an asset of the centre, but an asset of the whole University. Meng subsequently said that the staff of the centre, now under H.E.’s guidance, should be committed to improving their research ability and strive for higher goals. At last, Prof. Meng, on behalf of TUTE, conferred on H.E. the letter of appointment and the badge of TUTE.

In Xie’s address, H.E. thanked TUTE for the appointment. Being honorary director of the center meant a responsibility for him. Therefore, he would be dedicated to the growth of the centre.

P.S. Xie Xiaoyan, a high-level Chinese diplomat, served as the Chinese ambassador to Ethiopia and AU from 2011 to 2015. During his term, we saw a steady growth in Ethio-China relationship in terms of cultural, political and economic cooperation. There was also a breakthrough in the China-AU relationship.


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