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TUTE’s English Teachers won in FLTRP Star Teacher Contest
Sep.5th,2015 Wang Man  审核人:

In the summer break, National College English Reform and Development Workshop and the 3rd Star Teacher Contest hosted by Foreign language Teaching and Research Press (FLTRP) took placed in Changsha. Liu Jiajia and Zheng yunrong, Faculty members of TUTE’s Foreign Language School, both won the first prize.

This year’s Contest featured the application of micro class in the “flipped classroom”. More than 800 contestants nationwide had participated in the Contest. After the preliminary round, 400 of them qualified for the final, which consisted of three parts, namely micro-class video presentation, flipped classroom designing and the audition.  Mr. Liu and Ms. Zheng, whose themes are “Formal and Informal English” and “Translation Process” respectively, finally won the approval from the jury because their designs were original, show forms diverse and teaching results effective. Hence they were both conferred the first prize and hired by FLTRP as “Unipus Digital Teaching” consultants.

Star Teacher Contest is an annual event, hosted by FLTRP. Contestants are categorized into three groups based on the student type they normal teach: English major, College English and higher vocational educational. FLTRP hosts this event in order to explore alternative English teaching modes in which micro-class can be applied in flipped classroom. Taking part in the Contest is an incentive for teachers, which prompts them to develop more original teaching methods. The event also serves as a platform, on which colleges nationwide can share and communicate.

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