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TUTE played host to 2015 Summer Camp students from Confucius Institutes in Ethiopia
Sep.14th,2015 Educational Foreign-Aid Section,International Exchange Office  审核人:

Over the summer break, TUTE hosted the Summer Camp for students coming from Confucius Institutes in Ethiopia. The event was sponsored by Hanban China.

40 Ethiopian students who participated in the camp were from Addis Ababa University Confucius Institute and TVET Confucius Institute. The aim of the event is to give the students an opportunity to learn Chinese language and experience the culture and customs as well.

There were three modules in the Summer Camp. First one was language module, which included writing and listening lessons and evaluations; Second is cultural experience, which encompassed a wide variety of cultural aspects, such as Chinese dancing, singing, paper-cutting, Peking opera, calligraphy, Taiji, Chinese-knot making, to name just a few; the third module consisted of excursions and sight-seeing tours.

After the summer camp, students came to know and understand more about Chinese culture, geography and history. They felt proud that they won the chance to come to visit China and study here for a short while.

The event achieved a great success thanks to the support from Confucius Institute at Addis Ababa University, TVET Confucius Institute and language centers  across Ethiopia, which would greatly contribute to the development of overseas Confucius Institutes as well as to TUTE’s international aiding project.


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